Integrated Pest Management System

Rules of Behavior Notice

NIH IPMS Acceptable Use Policy:

The following rules of behavior and acceptable use policy apply to all users of the NIH IPMS whether NIH employees or contractors. Because written guidance cannot cover every contingency, you are asked to go beyond the stated rules, using your best judgment and highest ethical standards to guide your actions. These rules are based on Federal laws and regulations and DHS/NIH policies. As such there are consequences for non-compliance.

Users of the NIH IPMS must comply with the following rules:


Any violation of the rules of behavior shall be considered a security incident. If the incident is deemed willful, it will be escalated to a security violation. Depending on the number of security violations and the specific information involved, disciplinary action for the violation may consist of a letter or warning/caution, revocation of access to the NIH IPMS, suspension, or removal. The individual may also be subject to criminal prosecution.


By logging into and accessing the NIH IPMS, you acknowledge that you understand and will comply with these rules of behavior when using the NIH IPMS. Non-compliance or behavior inconsistent with these rules can result in immediate suspension from the NIH IPMS or disciplinary action, which my lead to investigation, as appropriate.